Cultivating An Atmosphere of Heaven

Eden is not a place but an atmosphere which you can invoke and enjoy the exhaustless riches of Christ found in there. Eden is an atmosphere for progress and innovation where strange things happen, where things you never dreamed possible take place. In Eden, you receive an irresistible fragrance that attracts unusual favor to your life, like bees to the Lilly in the valley.

If you study the Hebrew word Eden you will find it is made up of several strokes and each stroke has a meaning. Firstly it means moment, secondly it means spot, thirdly it means presence, fourthly it means pleasant moment or pleasant atmosphere, or delightful atmosphere and finally it means open door, in other words it means, “a spot on the earth for the moment where the presence of God is an open door to heaven”…Jacob said it this way in Genesis 28:17 this is the gate of Heaven…

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